Our activities

LLC «Belpromstroy» is a modern enterprise with developed infrastructure. The company is actively expanding its scope of activities in three main areas:

Transportation services

We understand that quality service is unthinkable without modern high-performance equipment that allows you quickly and without delay to provide a wide range of transport and cargo transportation services. Therefore, we are sensitive about our fleet and carefully monitor both the state of the machines, and the conditions of its maintenance. Tractor-long measures, truck cranes, loaders, a vibratory roller - it is not a complete list of our machinery with which we will solve any problem. It is important to note that our fleet is fairly new: the machinery is updated regularly - every 3-5 years. We provide transport services only with our highly skilled and specially trained staff: this will allow you to maximize the use of the machines and properly waste your working time.

Why is it profitable to work with us? Your order will start to be processed from the moment of receipt – you won`t wait for a certain period. For your convenience, we work with your order in two ways. On the one hand, we check the counterparty in the database: ever worked before, or this is the first co-operation, as well as gather information about the company and activities. It is necessary to develop the most advantageous and suitable offer for you. On the other hand, the process starts for filing this co-operation, so you can take advantage of the necessary services as soon as possible.

Construction of facilities

This is one of the priority directions of development of LLC «Belpromstroy» in recent years. Our experts build facilities for various purposes - from the warehouse to office premises: the area of constructed facilities already exceeds 100 000m2. If necessary, we will carry out the construction according to your individual project. In addition, our experts are engaged in service and technical support of already built facilities.


We rent built facilities. All negotiations with clients are carried out by qualified personnel in the field of real estate transactions. On the one hand, this job requires skill and professionalism. On the other hand, is a creative work. Since we do not just provide services according to the current price list for each client but individually develop special offer on favorable conditions for co-operation. For us it is important, what is important is for you. And we plan our work so that once using our services, you will continue to be our friends.

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