About us

Group of companies «Belpromstroy» is a modern, stable company, which holds a strong position in the Belarusian market, and has been successfully developing in the field of construction, real estate transactions and the provision of transport services for almost quarter of a century.

If we talk about the scale of the enterprise, it is enough to mention that for 23 years, it has been put in operation more than 100,000 m2 various rooms - from warehouses to offices. However, the phase of active construction for LLC «Belpromstroy» began in 2003 when the company acquired a land plot and received a license for the construction of warehouses and offices. Today, the list of the constructed objects includes a large number of «A» and «B» logistics centers.

Today, group of companies «Belpromstroy» is a successful enterprise with outstanding prospects. And there is a number of logical explanations. The rich experience and impressive package of achievements has been made possible thanks to a good technical equipment - only modern machines are used to perform work on the objects, which is characterized by high productivity and allows you to fulfill a wide range of works quickly, efficiently and on time in accordance with modern requirements and needs of the construction industry. The highly skilled engineering specialists keep under control and solve the challenges. Great experience, competence, erudition, professional savvy and responsibility allow to organize the construction process at the highest level and fully establish the complete cycle, from design to construction of the facilities. 

We are confident in every step and know that we will reach any height, because our strength is not only the modern technology and equipment: staff is our pride. «Belpromstroy» is an enterprise where selfless, responsible people work who live and breathe in unison with the team. Therefore, for us to work efficiently, without delays and unpleasant situations is a matter of honor.  Not to mention the tasks of the high level of complexity, which is within each of our employees` scope of abilities - whether it is a worker or a highly skilled manager.

Why, after almost a quarter century, the enterprise has saved its face, but is surely moving forward, developing and exploring new areas of activity? There is a number of reasons.

First, we cherish our goodwill therefore it is not permissible to perform the work  poorly or not properly for us.

Second, we have a team of professionals, and for each of them is important to solve the problem so that every customer was satisfied with the work.

Third, we work as one team. A friendly team is a solid and unshakable foundation of a healthy, strong and successful enterprise.

And we have professional property managers and even share with you our little secrets. We build quickly and efficiently. We will always be happy to help you reach new heights in the promotion of your business.

We would be glad to cooperate with you!

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